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Are You Now or Have You Ever Been The Anti-Christ?

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It is rather like being a little bit pregnant, you can’t be. So it is with politics. Certainly you can have a day-to-day sort of passing ‘interest’ in politics as you work your way through the paper noticing what attractive eyes the young woman on Page Three has, or, yeah there was a Budget and they put up fags and what about cider! No, that is not the sort of politics I refer to. Politics, for me, is like nature, red in tooth and claw. If a fox were involved politics would be banned. It is a blood sport as sure as bullfighting. During Prime Minister’s or First Minister’s Questions there are occasions, all too few in the case of FMQs, when you want to shout: “Ole!” even when it is the Opposition scoring the point.

Such an interest, I believe, should transcend national boundaries. So, you aren’t anorak on the internal political dimensions of, say, the Ukraine, but at least you try to follow the thread of just where the Orange Revolution went. This brings me to the land of my fathers – the United States. We all should have more than a passing interest in the ‘lonely superpower’; perm any related cliché on this theme, because the United States has rocked and rolled our world more than any other player since 1940. It ain’t going to go away for a while.

So, there you have it. And, with my stall set out, I have followed the on-going health debate in the United States closely. I have probably followed it as closely as I followed Watergate.

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