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Nobody Ever Expects the Spanish Inquisition

When it comes to day-to-day living there are, naturally enough, many differences between Benajoan Estacion and Edinburgh. I do not mean the obvious differences, of which there are many, between a city and a small Spanish village, but cultural and social manners and mores. We discovered two of them in the last 10 days. The Spanish do not do Birthday Cards. This presents you with a serious hurdle when, having forgotten to bring one with you to send to Edinburgh, you are left scrambling around trying to find one. In the end a substitute was used.

The other is that the Spanish appear not to ‘do’ April Fool’s Day. To be honest we could have missed it but I don’t think we did. Besides, with the run up to Easter, the Spanish are just too busy doing what they do best – party. Across the road from us is El Muelle. It has been going like a fair for more than five hours and this is just for lunch. After a small break Gina will open the doors again and the last dinners will leave after midnight. Tomorrow and Sunday will be sell-outs. Meanwhile, at El Stop, we did not see a free table when we passed by there a short while ago. Anita will probably do in excess of 200 covers for lunch, close for Saturday and then 200 plus again on Sunday.

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