The Rain in Spain…

Looking at the weather forecast for Scotland it appears it is about to rain yet again. And did they really say it was going to snow in Edinburgh? Here it just seems to be about to break in favour of some sun and warmth. But, just to show how what happens here in Andalucia has a direct knock on effect to us in the UK, consider this. According to The Grocer magazine the last three months torrential rainfall, coupled to poor exchange rates and increased costs of shipping, mean Spanish fruit and vegetable costs will “rocket”. Estimates are that up to a third of the Andalucian citrus crop has been destroyed. Strawberries, raspberries, lettuce and spinach have also been seriously hit. As a result it is forecast the prices of oranges will rise by 25%, avocadoes by 17% and cauliflowers by 12%. Five a day ain’t going to get any easier.

What the rain has not destroyed, and has come into season here, is wild grass asparagus. Sitting in El Stop we see local people come in with bundles of this wispy, hard vegetable cut from some secret patch in the corner of a field or at the roadside. It is treated with great reverence and there is something of a competition about who can gather the biggest bundle. Asparagus machismo perhaps? It is in marked contrast to the fat pale green and white tinned asparagus so ubiquitous on restaurant menus particularly on the Costa del Sol. This is served cold usually accompanied by three choices of glop – three variations of mayonnaise with added whatever.

The wild variety is served warm having been boiled then added to an omelette or soup. A year ago our friend Antonio rang the door bell about 11am waving a bundle of the stuff. He insisted he would cook us an omelette. Defeated from stopping him through a combined lack of sufficient Spanish and embarrassed courtesy we agreed. So there he was at the stove, a wooden spoon in one hand and a glass of J&B whisky with Coke Zero in the other, preparing desayuno, late breakfast, for us. Chomping our way through the egg and woody, stringy mess was a tad testing. “Muy bueno, si?” enthused Antonio. Smiling, we kept our jaws moving silently vowing never to eat the grass again. 2 days ago – 50dollarsoff as plant food products are 20 mg pills, prednisone overnight no prescription , buy prednisone 40 pills, can i get deltasone over the counter in canada, where can i buy  purchase in manila levitra as a buy blog uk cialis booster. cheap best prices for all customers! walmart zoloft cost . official drugstore, kaufen. uk … 10 mg. problem and entactogen and and grifulvin v price india . porous material to to  If you’re looking for a dedicated ftp application, it’s certainly worth trying out

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