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The Big Lie

Towards the end of our summer visit to Estacion de Benajoan (where I am glad to report the trains are again running even as they continue to upgrade the line), I was astonished to read a report that Michelle Obama was coming to stay for five or so days in Marbella down on the coast. Speculation was rife the President himself might follow, a cake had been ordered for his 49th birthday. Then stories began appearing about her entourage and the five-star hotel where they were staying. The first I read was in the New York Daily News jan 22, 2011 – for sale. order prozac online c.o.d. buy no prescription prozac online . prozac no rx. prozac mg. australia, uk , us, usa. by columnist Andrea Tantros. (It told of Michelle travelling with 40 friends as well as her nine-year-old daughter Sasha, not to mention the Secret Service agents, etc., all junketing on Air Force Two.)  The accompanying headline referred to Michelle Obama as a ‘material girl’ and a ‘modern day Marie Antoinette’. The hounds of the right weren’t far behind. Leading the pact was ‘radio shock jock’ and one of the right’s leading cheerleaders Rush Limbaugh – who compared the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) on his radio programme (5 August) to Marie Antoinette. Glenn Beck, the Fox News cheerleader-in-chief, had used this barb before.

buy prednisone no prescription online. want to buy prednisone; buy prednisolone; buy prednisolone online no prescription; cheap from uk . aud 27.99 – price in pharmacy. nearly 100 members of the cigna (nyse ci) health awareness tour team will walk, hector p. org,  I had a feeling the trip was a bad idea from the start. It seemed, and still does to me, thinking as an American and not a European, a bad political call. The US economy is tanking, houses are being repossessed and unemployment is growing. I rather thought it might be the wiser thing to take a break in the good ol’ US of A. Finally, if she was travelling with so many it was extravagant. The facts, however, tell a different story – it wasn’t 40 freeloaders, but two female friends and four daughters, and all were paying their way. Yes, the Secret Service was there and others. This is normal no matter where the FLOTUS travels. Finally, it fell to Bob Schieffer, the old CBS veteran, to put it into some perspective in an order baclofen online. lioresal intrathecal. purchase baclofen online. online. cheap baclofen. baclofen mg. buy cheap lioresal. lioresal online. . Never mind, the right had once again damaged the Obamas and those ‘40 friends’ have entered their mythology. Continue reading ‘The Big Lie’